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A new article based on the speech of our CEO Alexey Kulakov. It is about who designers are — artists or engineers, and how best to teach them so that they are motivated to grow and develop. We also talked about the problems that may arise on the professional path and suggested ways to solve them.

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I studied industrial design at the Academy of Architecture and wanted to be a graphic artist. But one day, these plans changed, and I became — by accident — one of the first three web designers in Yekaterinburg. My world turned…

This article is based on the lecture “Delegation of Responsibility, Feedback Skills, and Team Management” by Alexey Kulakov, CEO of JetStyle.

It has always seemed to me that the topic of task delegation is rather simple. I have not brought it up before since setting a task is, in my opinion, is a minimum standard any manager must be able to perform. However, whenever I start a new project with the clients, a collaboration with partners, or a consultant task in a startup to establish a production cycle, I find out that the fundamental features of the task assignment process…

We continue to talk about feedback and delegation, and here is the second part of our joint article with IIDF on how to teach employees to be independent.

In the first part of this article, Alexey Kulakov, CEO at JetStyle, and an expert on the Art of Business Management course at IIDF told readers how to teach employees to be independent, what tasks to give at a particular stage of development, and what the manager should do so that the team can solve high-complexity tasks.

The second part of the article will talk about goal synchronization, feedback, and layoffs.

At any level, you need to synchronize goals


Let’s talk in detail about the delegation process. Together with IIDF, we have prepared a long-read article on how to teach employees to be independent.

The article is divided into two parts, and it will be especially useful to anyone whose work involves managing people and projects.

The first part is about why and how to teach employees to be independent, how people learn something new, and what tasks at what level of responsibility can be delegated.

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Let’s start by defining delegation. Delegation is the transfer of some responsibility to another person. When leaders delegate tasks to…

What the good feedback is, how an art director should give it, and how feedback helps a designer to grow — read in this blog post.

The article is based on the report of Alexey Kulakov, CEO of JetStyle digital agency and Product Director of Rideró publishing service.

About 15 years ago, I realized that an art director, a person who creates a design using others, does it with the help of feedback. This is how an art director is different from a designer. An art director has other tools — designers, and there are additional goals related to their…

We have been engaged in AR/VR development since 2014, and we consider it a promising direction for work. And as time shows, we were right — in 2020 the market for AR/VR solutions grew by 16% and reached 1.4 billion rubles. At the same time, experts believe that there is still no mass demand.

We have some thoughts about the development of the AR/VR market. And we decided to talk about it with you.

Why we are investing in virtual and augmented reality products, how the Coronavirus has affected this market, where we are looking for personnel, and why we…

In this blog post, we explain why we developed the Unit Economics Calculator, what it’s made for, and how to use it. We also added some interesting case studies from our experience. Have a look.

“Five years ago, two events happened to me almost at the same time. First, I was asked to develop a board game about unit economics (that’s how I first found out about this term and how this concept works). Secondly, I began working as a product director at Rideró and using unit economics in practice. …

In this blog post, we want to share our case study about a promo campaign with augmented reality for Abrau-Durso.


Abrau-Durso is a Russian producer of sparkling and still wines that has been on the market for 150 years — since 1870.


In 2020, the company created a new style and label for one of their product lines — Abrau Light. This is a collection of sparkling fruit wines with reduced alcohol content. They wanted to present the updated series to the world brightly and cheerfully so that everyone would remember it. …

From the moment WebVR technology got stronger and the first references appeared, we really wanted to do something large-scale, beautiful, and resonant with it. And at the same time, we wanted it to be a non-commercial, interesting project.

We live in the Urals, our hometown of Yekaterinburg is full of rare monuments of constructivism. And the White Tower is a unique architectural object with a difficult fate. This is a water tower, which was built for the Ural Heavy Machine-Building Plant, one of the largest engineering enterprises in Russia, also known as Uralmash. For several years, it’s been looked after…

Trends, tips, checklist.

In 2021, landing pages and sites, in general, are not the only and definitely not the main communication tools. There are channels in Telegram, social media communities, chats, stories, video channels, and a million other tools. And you need to be able to manage all this orchestra. But the site is still the place where you host your brand, and the landing page is one of the main points of contact with a visitor.

This landing page checklist is our internal document, that naturally formed over several years. And we are happy to share it with you. There are no…


JetStyle is a complex digital-production. Our main expertise: UX, Development, Analytics, Marketing.

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