Analytics & Advertisigng of a Perfect Landing Page: Tips & Checklists

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2 min readAug 23, 2023


We’re finishing our series dedicated to building an effective landing page — check out our Medium stories if you want to read useful tips about content and layout creation.

Today’s recommendations focus on analytics and advertising: we’ve noticed that often teams miss out on the full range of available tools that help their landing pages convert. Take a look at this checklist:

1. Set Up Analytics

  • Set up the analytics systems to track website performance and user interactions.
  • Link Google Analytics to Google Adwords for comprehensive campaign tracking.

2. Define Conversion Goals

  • Identify macro conversions, such as sales, calls, applications, and test period usage, as the primary site objectives.
  • Choose micro conversions that illustrate user engagement, like newsletter subscriptions, user manual downloads, specific page visits, etc.

3. Track Conversions

  • Configure tracking for both macro and micro conversions on the website to measure success.
  • Determine if call tracking is necessary. If not, ensure requests are tracked, and contact views are monitored.

Before launching, make sure you review the settings, including accurate web counter placement, data collection, and action tracking.

4. Align Ad-message with Website

  • Ensure that ad banners maintain consistency with the messaging of the landing page.
  • Connect advertising services to analytics systems to gather insights into ad performance.

5. Effective UTM Tags

  • Implement UTM parameters consistently for tracking site, ad, and audience effectiveness.
  • Create retargeting audiences before launching the advertising campaign to maximize targeting options.

6. Strategic Retargeting Campaigns

  • Begin retargeting campaigns immediately after launch to engage visitors who didn’t convert on Google Adwords and social media platforms.
  • Collect retargeting data from campaign launch to enhance remarketing efforts.

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