Ariadne Climate Registry: Product Design Case Study

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4 min readFeb 20, 2023

In 2021, JetStyle participated in an international project dedicated to sustainable development. Four companies, experts in the sphere of climate change, united to launch Ariadne Climate, a registry for facilitating compliance with the European Fuel Quality Directive. Spherical, our long-term partner & a startup’s co-founder, invited us to work on the platform’s design.

About Brand

Ariadne Climate is a Europe-based climate startup launched by 4 experienced members of the eco initiatives market: Spherical, 2° Sustainability, beCe carbon experts, ReNewClimate Strategies. The founders of Ariadne Climate have developed registries used to administer Clean Development Mechanism Projects at the UNFCCC.

About Product

Ariadne Climate is a transparency platform developed to facilitate compliance with the European Fuel Quality Directive, which is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the upstream part of the oil and gas supply chain.

Ariadne helps with that; it is a registry administration repository for issuing Upstream Emission Reduction (or Units) certificates. Ariadne ensures that there’s no double counting of UERs between EU member states. It is a unique solution in the market, as there’s no unified EU-level database or registry so far.


JetStyle started collaboration with the Ariadne Climate team when the service was at the stage of business process conception. Our task was to create an interface concept and prototype for the future service.

Spherical was in charge of the service’s development processes. To enhance this process, we consulted Spherical developers on web layout and several complicated interface scenarios.


Our collaborative work with Ariadne’s team required a thorough research on the processes and roles within the product. We started with figuring out the registration process for various groups of Ariadne’s users.

Registration Page

Together with the Ariadne’s team we divided all the service’s users into 3 groups:

  • Unit traders,
  • Unit issuers — companies that are engaged in environmentally sustainable activity,
  • Experts that verify projects.

After users register on the Ariadne website, they select the subgroup they belong to. After that, the platform navigation follows the scenarios specific to each target audience group.

Projects Search System

Project Dashboard

At periods defined by the project owner, all projects undergo a verification process. After this, the number of units allocated to the projects can be issued by Ariadne. All verification reports are stored securely by Ariadne. On a project’s page users can see the number of allocated units, the project’s location on the map, and other documents.

Account Page

Traders’ account page contains detailed data on the unit portfolio and their transfer.

Brand Identity

Working on the logo & identity development, we highlighted the idea of transparency and ecology. The thread on the logo reminds us of Greek mythology. Just like Ariadne helped her lover escape the Labyrinth with the jewel thread, the registry navigates companies through the intricate Fuel Quality legislation.

Apart from that, we developed the service’s landing page with introductory information about Ariadne, and branded promo materials such as business cards and Zoom backgrounds.

The key feature of the design & development process is trustful communication. Apart from interface design, we were actively engaged in discussions about the functionality of the future product. We appreciate the team’s openness to new ideas and willingness to co-create. These factors helped make the service relevant to the needs of the market players.

Ariadne Climate has been in operation since 2021. European companies use the registry to comply with the rules of the European Fuel Quality Directive, The use of the registry provided by Ariadne Climate, double counting can be avoided, ensuring maximum transparency in the market.



Alexey Pugachev, Designer

Grigory Koposov, Designer,

Ivan Ilyin, Illustrator,

Ekaterina Sokolskaya, Project Manager


Michael Vartanyan, Business Analytics, Project Manager

Dmitrii Minaev, Developer

Daiana Shcheglova, Developer

Vasily Kuznetsov, Developer



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