Content of a Perfect Landing Page: Tips & Checklists

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2 min readAug 7, 2023


Recently we published a guide on developing a perfect landing page for your product’s promotion. We’re planning to share key ideas about landing page development here on Medium — just in case you find the information useful.

Today our focus is the content on a landing page. General rule of thumb is to make your text as simple as possible. After you’ve edited the texts and let go of unnecessary details, just do it one more time. You’ll see that your text only wins from this exercise. Also, it’s no harm to use various content formats to make yourself 100% clear — tables, formulas, and videos are great simplification tools.

Below you’ll find a series of recommendations about content of a landing page.

  1. Research
  • Compare your landing page with references and adopt best practices.
  • Find unique points that differentiate you from competitors.
  • Use convincing arguments such as customer reviews.

2. Communication

  • Understand user problems and concerns about your product.
  • Identify barriers that prevent users from taking action.
  • Offer compelling reasons and benefits to overcome those barriers.

3. Texts

  • Choose a clear and emotional headline to clarify the offer.
  • Avoid double meanings and make readers have no doubts about the benefits.
  • Make the main answer to the primary question highly visible.

4. Storytelling

  • Highlight your product’s advantages before asking for any action.
  • Build an engaging storyline that will break the barriers.
  • Present clear benefit-oriented buttons for easy access to your strong suits.

5. Engagement

  • Use videos to demonstrate your product, evoke emotions and explain processes.
  • Replace explanatory text with visual schemes or diagrams to enhance understanding.

Full article with more info on our website.

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