Free Unity Asset Kit for Early Apple Vision Pro Developers

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3 min readSep 11, 2023


For all the early birds out there — JetStyle shares a free Unity asset kit for developers who want to be pioneers when Apple Vision Pro is released in 2024.

The industry is excited about the upcoming launch, and so are we at JetStyle. We are tech enthusiasts and gadget geeks. Whenever an innovation emerges, we are in the front row to accumulate related expertise.

The Vision Pro release does look like a sensation: the gadget demo promises the beginning of a new era in consumer VR. We shared our thoughts and predictions* here.

*In short, we’ll be witnessing a surge in UGC (User-Generated Content) as Apple Vision Pro will provide more opportunities to create high-quality video content. Additionally, we believe that the age of Mixed Reality is on the horizon, and the fact that tech giants are creating gadgets like this only reinforces this idea.

How do we prepare for the Apple Vision Pro launch? It seemed like a challenge at first — Apple had not released any development kit programs until recently when it launched a competition for app developers. However, the offer is limited to users of the Apple Developer Program or Apple Developer Enterprise Program, and the development kits will not be distributed before the beginning of 2024.

Apple has also provided dev teams with a browser Simulator, but app testing is better done in VR rather than via a desktop screen. Also, there’s no Unity SDK.

What do we have at hand? A Meta Quest –currently the most popular and widely available VR headset and a Quest pro (less popular but still more available at the moment than Vision Pro). It features similar key functionalities to what the Vision Pro showcased in the demo, such as the pass-through mode and hand tracking. This provides us with significant opportunities to emulate Mixed Reality and Apple’s new spatial design guidelines. So, why not use our Quests as a playground for experimenting with Vision Pro while we can’t have one yet?

We utilized Apple’s official Figma UI design kit to re-create Vision Pro’s interface elements as Unity assets (starting from skinning default Unity UI components and going beyond). We want it to be like Lego for developers: just take the buttons or tabs you need and build a scene of your desire, try, iterate, repeat.

Tap this link to download the asset from Github. It’s as simple as that: try out the demo (APK for your Quest), download and install the kit, and voila — you’re ready to do the stuff NOW.

And yes, it’s all for free. We’re using the kit ourselves to familiarize ourselves with Vision Pro before its release — and we suggest you do the same. Apple Vision Pro will be a success only if we, as developers, manage to create exceptional products. So let’s do this together.

We would appreciate it if you could rate us on Github and share the kit with your colleagues or on social media. Be sure to tag JetStyle (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook).



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