Headset Decal For Customization of Your Oculus

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3 min readMar 31, 2023


We’ve covered extended reality technology trends and HR trends in XR — check out our latest posts on Linkedin with #jetstyle_xr if you want to read more — now let’s talk about the hardware necessary for developing such projects. Today we’re sharing a list of equipment we use for our XR projects, and what we created to make them look brilliant.

1. Meta Quest 2, which, according to our experience, is the best consumer-oriented hardware. It’s amazing for low-budget production purposes.

2. Pico (Neo 3 Pro and 4) is similar to Quest 2, but it lacks Meta’s infrastructure. All in all, a great device for corporate use.

3. HTC Vive is targeted primarily at businesses’ needs, this is why it’s most popular with corporations.

4. Windows Mixed Reality by Microsoft shares features with HTC Vive, and it also focuses on the corporate market.

There are a couple of top-tier headsets manufacturers, such as Pimax and Varjo, but they are definitely not for general use, as they require extremely powerful PCs.

Which of these gadgets do we use at JetStyle? We add new devices into our VR park with each new project. Over the course of years, our XR production team has developed VR simulators, LBE VR games, VR rides, Web-VR websites, etc. Here’s the list of VR equipment:

  • Meta Quest 2, 10 pcs
  • Oculus Quest 2, 2 pcs
  • WinMR Acer,
  • Oculus Rift S,
  • HP Reverb G2,
  • HTC Vive + TP Cast,
  • HTC Vive, 4 pcs
  • And other outdated headsets, such as Oculus Go, Vive FOCUS, etc.

Many of our headsets look the same, e.g. Oculus and Meta Quest usually come in white color and have almost the same shape. We thought it would be fun to decorate them, so our designers created unique templates. Now we have a Night Fox, Kamikaze, Coco, Hulk and Ant-Man. Would you like to decorate your own Quests 2? Here are our decal templates for your free use: https://bit.ly/quest2decal



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