How to Brainstorm in Video Production

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1 min readFeb 21, 2024

We talked about it with Anton Rusetski, JetStyle’s motion & video team lead:

When we create concepts, we often use mind mapping as our key strategy. It helps us elicit and connect creative ideas. How it works:

— Start with a central idea.

— Use keywords and images for clarity.

— Connect related ideas with lines, colors, and symbols.

— Show relationships with hierarchy.

— Keep it concise!

Here are our two favorite tools for mind mapping. We use them to work collaboratively with our team and clients and to store ideas:

FigJam: Figma’s online whiteboard facilitates brainstorming in real-time.

Miro: Online whiteboard with templates and features that offers voting and commenting.

We have been using online mind mapping tools for more than six years now. They are incredibly helpful in projects where we need to come up with a new story and style.”

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