Layout of a Perfect Landing Page: Tips & Checklists

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2 min readAug 10, 2023

There’s much to bear in mind when you want to create a landing page that converts. We decided to organize our experience into simple practical tips and share them with you. Here you can read about the content of a landing page.

Now let’s talk about the effective layout. It’s all about providing value to visitors, rather than showing off some catchy design or sophisticated programming. Another key rule is really simple — try to get rid of everything that doesn’t help the target audience to make the targeted action.

See more tips:

1: Speed over sophistication

  • Emphasize content and analytics over trendy design and programming — at least at the beginning.
  • Even a landing page built in a day with a free template can be effective if it offers something valuable.

2: Less is more

  • Create a competent structure that aligns with the user scenario and provides useful content.
  • Make sure your effective landing page has a clear hierarchy, noticeable call to action, and no visual distractions.
  • Reduce the number of fields, words, design elements, and unnecessary features.

3: Landing page evolution

  • Test your initial product hypothesis via platforms like Tilda or Webflow.
  • When you need to implement extra features or business logic, it’s time to involve designers and developers.
  • Professionals will help with behavior scenarios development and UX design to improve the quality of the landing page.

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