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3 min readAug 24, 2023

JetStyle’s designer team always tries to stay on track with technology trends, so whenever a new tool appears, we’re there to experiment with it. We asked our designer team to share their favorite tools — both the newest AI-based ones, and classic ones. The list turned out to be rich, and we’re happy to share it with all fellow designers:

If you want to enhance your text and communication:

  • A tool that transcribes voice recordings into text, making it easier to convert spoken content into written form.
  • This service converts voice recordings into text transcripts, aiding in documentation and analysis.
  • Notion AI: It summarizes text transcripts, condensing lengthy content into concise overviews.
  • Voilà Chrome Add-on: By using ChatGPT, this add-on assists in composing business letters, streamlining communication tasks.
  • GoalGPT: it will help you create plans to achieve your goals.

To improve your proficiency in design and image editing:

  • This tool removes watermarks from images, enhancing their usability for design purposes.
  • It scales and improves image quality, allowing for better visual presentation in design projects.
  • Designed to erase image backgrounds, this tool simplifies the process of isolating subjects for design work.
  • This tool compresses images, reducing their file size while maintaining acceptable quality for web use.

If you’re aiming to elevate your expertise in app and web design:

  • Midjourney: It offers a selection of screens for app creation, serving as a starting point for design projects.
  • Bravo, Softr, BuilderX: These no-code platforms simplify app design, enabling the creation of functional apps without coding skills.
  • Skybox Lab: This tool facilitates the creation of 360° panoramas, enhancing user experience in virtual environments.
  • Durable: By assisting in website development through text queries, Durable speeds up the design process.
  • Taplink: This tool generates websites from Instagram pages, providing an easy way to showcase content online.
  • This Figma plugin enhances web design inspiration by integrating with Figma, a popular design tool.
  • CLIP Interrogator 2.1: Provides prompts for uploaded images, aiding in creative design exploration.
  • Fontjoy: It generates font pairs, simplifying the process of choosing harmonious typefaces.
  • Figma: Offers auto layouts, components, styles, and plugins, enhancing the efficiency of design work.
  • Webflow and Quarkly: These tools facilitate layout design for websites and apps, streamlining the design process.

Refine your abilities in layout and testing:

If you’re dedicated to advancing your skills in interface analytics and visualization:

  • Google Analytics 4, Amplitude: These tools implement analytics for interface performance analysis, helping designers optimize user experiences.
  • Sense Machine: Measures mood and emotional responses using facial expressions and eye movements, offering insights for interface design.

If you have a business task that could be solved using AI — sign up for a free discovery session. We’ll discuss your challenges and offer modern solutions.



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